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What our Clients Say…

Amazing experience! Chris and Bonnie started off by getting to know us and our individual experience with photography. They were very adaptive to our interest and worked through some pretty bad weather to continue the trip. Their experience and passion make this a must if you’re looking for something to do while in town.

Joseph L.

Fantastic experience! Chris and Bonnie were genuinely interested in what we wanted to learn and were extremely knowledgeable about photography and the greater Asheville area. They were patient with my beginner questions and turned out to be wonderful instructors and just great people. I felt like we learned a ton and made some good friends. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn more about photography, how to fully utilize your camera and get some terrific hands on instruction.

Anthony I.

We took the Landscapes & Waterfalls tour with Chris and Bonnie for an afternoon tour. My wife and I wanted to get some of those silky waterfalls and stream shots and they were so helpful and patient with their instruction. We both got some awesome photos with their help. I also learned how to use some of the features on my camera that I didn’t even know it had! After the waterfalls we hit the Blue ridge Parkway to get some sunset photos and were treated to an incredible double rainbow! The sunset over the mountains was almost as incredible with all the colors in the sky! I highly recommend going on a tour with Chris and Bonnie. Their enthusiasm for photography is contagious and you can learn a lot!

Steve & Karen Wilson

Co-Owners, The Lion and the Rose B&B

I really enjoyed the Vistas and Waterfalls photo tour with Chris and Bonnie in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. In preparation, I sent them my questions and areas of interest and they zoned in on them during the tour and covered exactly what we had discussed. I learned a lot about camera technique and composition, and had good results. Thanks Guys!

Doug Leihbacher

Sailing Skipper & Instructor, Caribbean Island Sailing

My son in law and I recently spent a half day with Chris and Bonnie photographing the waterfalls and vistas of western North Carolina. It was outstanding!  Bonnie and Chris are very knowledgable of the area as well as how to shoot the various landscapes. They were very patient and willing to show us how they would shoot it as well as encouraging us to discover our own style. 

The best part was how I learned at least 4 things about my camera and I never would have gotten that without their input. 

Thank you guys.   I will be back again soon... --- S.W.

I really enjoyed my time with Chris and Bonnie. They are excellent teachers, and have a deep knowledge of landscape photography. They are both pleasant to spend an afternoon with. I recommend them highly for a photography session! --- D.Z.

Chris has been helping me with production work for several months. He is extremely knowledgeable about Lightroom. He is a very patient teacher, and communicates his ideas very well. When we are analyzing my work, he has an excellent sense of composition and lighting and how they impact my shots. I trust his objective opinion on which photos to keep for further work, and which to discard. I highly recommend him for anyone needing assistance with post shoot work! -- D.Z.

Stan W. & Dan Z.

Asheville NC & Miami FL

I loved my photo tour with Chris. Before the tour I’d only shot pictures of family and friends to keep as memories of time spent together. I knew nothing about lighting or framing a photo, finding the “hero” or telling a story. Within just a few hours with Chris I learned so much about how to take more interesting photos. Chris’ patience made it easy for me to relax and enjoy the experience. His incredible skill and knowledge as a photographer made it a fantastic learning experience as well. With his added guidance around iPhone editing apps I am now excited to enter into the world of photography as an art and as a means of discovering and owning my creative voice. I highly recommend Chris and his photo tours.

Daphne Cohn

Founder, The Creativity Habit Podcasts

My Photo Tour with Chris allowed me to see the world in a manner that is not only more personal but shows awareness of smaller aspects of life we often do not pay attention to… recycling efforts, sense of community, beauty of a deeply cared for ‘garden’ and the beauty found in the chaos of a weed filled and neglected one. I took many photos I can use in my business marketing… and a whole bunch more that I must simply look deeper, think more openly to see the ‘story’ waiting to be discovered in those images!


Dannie Frey

Business Coach & Speaker, Ready Set Go Virtual Solutions

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